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We Remove The Complexity From Your Divorce With
Australia’s Only Online Divorce Application Service.

Fixed Fee Divorce: $550*

Your Divorce, Made Simple

Who We Are

Australia’s only legal team who are dedicated to ensuring your finalisation of marriage, with a wholly online divorce application service, is achieved swiftly and WITHOUT the need or stress for you to personally attend Court.

We do it all including your divorce hearing.

What We Do

After you complete a simple question and answer online divorce application we prepare your Divorce Application and email it to you to sign. We then file your Application and arrange service on your spouse. We file your service documents with the Court and then attend the divorce hearing on your behalf. It’s that simple. No Court queues, no delays if forms are incorrectly completed.

What Will It Cost

Unlike other online divorce providers in Australia, we do far more than just provide you with a Divorce Application and “How to” sheet and leaving it up to you to sort out the rest including the hearing itself.

This costs a little more but still far less than personally attending and engaging a law firm.

Payment plans available


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Fixed Fee Divorce: $550*

For Joint Application and Sole Applications including where there are children of the marriage now under 18 the cost is $550.00.

If we do need to personally serve your spouse (to prove they have received the Application) you need to allow an extra $250.00 which will pay for us to engage a separate process server and then arranging service.

Start Your Application Now

How It Works

No Hidden Fees?*

The Court charges you a filing fee to start your divorce process. This fee is $990.00 OR if you hold a benefit card the fee is reduced to $330.00.
Lastly we need to file a copy of your Marriage Certificate. Don’t panic if you don’t have your copy. We can help you order one from the Registry. Please see our Obtaining a Marriage Certificate resource for more information. 
The cost to obtain the marriage certificate varies but is about $65 – $85.

Is My Money Safe With You?/Can I pay by Instalments?

Simply – yes (on both questions).
We are happy to arrange payment of the divorce costs by instalments. We will always speak to you to discuss this when we receive your application.
We are Australian family solicitors who must hold money received in our trust account.
Our solicitors have practised for over 30 years in the Australian community.

How Am I Kept Updated?

We will update you by email at every crucial step. Once we have your online application we will complete your Application and email it for you to sign. Upon signing and return we will file the Application with the Court and advise you of the hearing date. We will update you by email of service details on your spouse. Upon the hearing we will confirm the Divorce Order having been made.

How Long Will The Process Take?

Once you complete our questionnaire and your Application is lodged, the divorce hearing happens about 12-16 weeks later. This allows for the Application to be served on your spouse and any further paperwork to be filed. A month and a day after the hearing the final Decree of Divorce is automatically made by the Court and the Divorce Certificate is available to us about 14 days later and we send it to you. No hassle. All done!

What Our Clients Have To Say

It was a really easy transition. A quick quality service.


For peace of mind it was value for money. I came out of it less scarred.


No headaches, no dramas. Sharon was wonderful.


You were extremely professional. Thanks for getting it done in the time-frame. Don’t change too much.


Thanks again so much for everything, your services have been amazing and so easy to deal with. I really appreciate it.