Cost of divorce in Australia

By 12 March, 2019Divorce
Cost of divorce in Australia

At Your Divorce, we took an opportunity to look around the market for legal services in particular family law and divorce.

What we see can occasionally be surprising and interesting. Here are some results.

So if I go to see a solicitor what does my divorce cost in each State

We took the time to make some telephone calls to well-known specialist family law legal firms on the East Coast of Australia. What we found is that the quoted price for the legal services (excluding any filing fees) for a divorce varied considerably between firms and included the following range:


  • Firms 1 & 2 – Sydney CBD firms quoted $1,650.00 for the divorce process plus the usual expenses of filing and service.
  • Firm 3 – A regional firm quoted $1,100.00 but said an hourly charging basis was used.
  • Firm 4 – Wanted to charge $550.00 just for the initial consultation.


  • Firms 1 – 3 – All quoted between $2,000.00 and $2,500.00 to undertake the divorce.
  • Firm 4 – Charged between $300.00 and $500.00 per hour to advise on undertaking the divorce


  • Several firms – Brisbane – We were unable to find a firm charging less than $1,100.00 for a divorce.

Conclusions drawn

You would be aware that the cost of undertaking your divorce application with Your Divorce is $550.00 in the majority of cases plus the unavoidable fees of filing and potentially service of the application. Here at Your Divorce, we feel that we provide a consistently reliable service at a fair price and our comparison cost study has shown the true value of our work.

If you wish to fully appreciate the value of our service and require a divorce then simply click on the Get Started button on our main website or alternatively contact us by email at and we will resolve your divorce with far less hassle and at a great price.