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By 7 January, 2019Divorce
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When we started Your Divorce a while ago like all new business ventures we were naturally worried whether there was a need for our service.

What we found surprised and delighted us. In the first week alone over 200 Australians viewed our site and over a dozen of them reached out to us by making enquiries or filing Applications so that we can could commence the divorce process on their behalf. We were literally floored with the support.

New Discoveries

It became apparent to us very early on that there was clearly a need for a simple and cost effective divorce solution for Australians. There is a saying that if you have 10 true fans of your service and each of them tell 10 others and so on you have the basis of a successful business or service.

At the time of writing this blog we genuinely believe that those fans are growing, and we sincerely hope that they are spreading the word so that we can help more Australians take the next step in managing their lives.

By the way – who are you

At Your Divorce we want to keep you updated as needed in relation to the family law and in particular, divorce. From our enquiries and applications received to-date (like the first release of the Apple iPhone) the earlier adopters of our service are approximately equally spread between males and females generally in their 30’s or 40’s with approximately half having children under 18.

Interestingly our inquiries are coming from all parts of the country and from all cultural backgrounds although the majority have actually been married in Australia.

Keep your eye out

As we continue to grow and provide services to more Australians we will give you further updates as to who is sharing our journey.

Kind regards and happy new year for 2019.