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In order to complete your divorce application we first need to check that you are eligible to file for a divorce in Australia. Please answer the questions below.

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We will need to find out if you are an Australian or otherwise eligible. Please send us an email to and outline your circumstances. We will then contact you to advise if you can apply.
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You need to be separated for at least 12-months to apply for divorce in Australia. Provide us with your date of separation, first name and email address and we will keep you updated when we can file for divorce on your behalf.

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This application will take about 10 minutes for you to fill out and complete. We'd hate for you to get to the end of the application and then decide not to proceed because of the cost. Complete the form below to find out the fee for your divorce finalisation.

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Based on the information you've provided us please find your fee summary below.

We can arrange suitable payment plans for indivuduals who need to pay the fee in installments. (Just like AfterPay!)

* Applicants will also need to pay a mandatory court filing fee in order to have their divorce finalised. This is $940 or $310 if you are eligible for a concession. We will discuss this with you upon receipt of your Application as there are quite a few concessions available.

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If you'd like us to send this information through to you, simply provide your email address below and we'll send you your fee summary and an outline of our services.

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Section 4: Your Marriage

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Section 5: Separation Details

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Upload Documents

If you have access to these documents, now is your chance to upload them.

If you don't have access to these document right now then you can submit your application and provide them to us at a later date.

Your Driver's License
(NOTE: Medicare and Health Fund cards are not concession cards)
Your Pension / Health Care / Concession Card
Your Spouse's Pension / Health Care / Concession Card
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Your Marriage Certificate
Your Orders / Agreements

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